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i should have known

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

why is it so hard to pick up on these signals when they are so clearly presented to us? everyday. all we have to do is look up into the sky and read the text they’re giving us - and then decipher. the circles and lines are there to tell us stories. the shapes are part of this fascinating crypt but the colors add a whole other layer of information to the message. the whole spectrum of colors - amplified with white light for reassurance. go, pick them up and draw yourself again, that’s what they are there for. a gift for you - yesterday - today - tomorrow - anytime. did you pick them up to write me a word? one i can understand? now look what happens, the clouds are all confused, swirling in circles aimlessly with no clear destination in mind. they are shooting up and down, collapsing in white balls of light. the sky gets charged with jolts of energy and it bursts. when put together in a sequence and then compressed into fractions of seconds it’s hard to perceive the gap. but it’s right there in front of you. dare to jump, you’d be surprised to find out what’s on the other side – or are you already there?

random connections

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

i see him walking to the left, outlined with scabs of paper covering parts of his body. he is centered over a black background and lights up in this composition of two. next to him are a man and a woman, both high up in the room waiting to help others find their way. the next set is also just standing next to each other - a man and a woman - side by side in an illuminated yellow circle. arrows pointing away from each other in opposite directions to create an illusion of disconnectedness. just a few over to the right, there is another set of figurines. the lit up one is directed to a seat in an illuminated box, while his waiter stands patiently in the dark just behind him with a glass of water, ready to serve his next guest. they all seem a bit confused, being pulled up and down and to the left and the right, confined in squares, circles and light boxes serving the sole purpose of communicating without text.