breathe.jpgair. a substance to breathe. life. day in and day out. breakfast, lunch and dinner. i breathe. in. out. in. out. deep into my lungs. i am alive. and then i walk and air seeps in to stimulate my skin. and then i rest to get some air and while i do so i don’t care.

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  1. grasshopper Says:

    And isn’t it amazing how our heart starts beating while we’re still in our mothers womb and from there on it keeps beating every second, every minute, every hour, every day and night of our lives, relentlessly, pumping blood through our veins whether we sleep or wake, and whatever we do. And our lungs keep breathing the same way, with only the slightest interruptions when we hold our breath. Air flowing in and out of our body. Entering our blood stream. As we breath air that surrounds us becomes part of our blood. Part of our body. Our soul. To keep us alive.

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