eternal now

now.jpgyou can do it. you can pull it back together to it’s original form. before you got de-fragmented. before you got skewed. before you got pulled away from the light. when you were just one, united, together, strong. in your full glory. but first you have to admit. admit that there is a glitch. admit that you’re in denial. sometimes it’s easier to close your eyes. sometimes it’s easier to be blind. you can’t report what you don’t see. but it goes beyond your sight. it’s much bigger. there is a general denial of size. it’s expansive. a place where time nor weight exist. a place where now is then, and then is always. you’ll know when you’re back because you’ve never really left.

2 Responses to “eternal now”

  1. Joe Says:

    Or is it possible that we’ve not ever been there before, but that all of life has been leading in this direction, toward a transcendent, new wholeness? Maybe we will be the first.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Everyone has a place called “home”. Sometimes it’s hard to completely know where that is, but once you have it, it’s always there. I concur with your supposition. And I believe many leave “home” because we get caught up in the stories of the larger stream of unconsciousness. If we can find our way back into the stream of consciousness, the state of just being becomes the everything, and everything becomes one.

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