transcessive story #2


- Writer #1: Caroline
- Writer #2: Hernan
- Writer #3: Matthew

It didn’t take John very long to say it. “Welcome back, I am glad you noticed that you’re the only one who matters – to you! But now that you did return from the bar with just one gin and tonic for yourself, would you mind asking your friends if they want something, too?” Joy felt embarrassed and relieved at the same time. Embarrassed because she was found out, relieved because she had a chance to make an excuse and cover up the reason for her behavior. She smiled back at John and reached into the pocket of her pants to make sure that the 4 carat diamond was still in its place.

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3 Responses to “transcessive story #2”

  1. carolina Says:

    admittedly she had eaten a lot of carcinogenics over the last week. that burnt hamburger at the nani-berger chain, the over cooked steak hernan had prepared, the charred lamb chops she’d eaten at john’s place. the carbon levels in her body must have been enormous to forge that diamond. her sphincter was less forgiving. talk about finding a diamond in the rough … the hygiene levels in the ladies bathrooms were thankfully quite high for a public toilet. joy was hoping the gin and tonic might take her mind off the whole experience … it was truly stunning, baffling and at the same time empowering - I CAN CRAP DIAMONDS!! was this a once off or were there super powers awaiting to tapped into?

  2. hernan Says:

    meanwhile, back at the justice league of america, aquaman was calling en emergency meeting of the superfriends. clearly agitated, aquaman reported that on a routine surveys of the pacific ocean floor, he had found unusually high diamond counts about 200 miles off the coast of seattle. additionally, the mating rates among orcas and salmon in the region was off the charts. this could not be a coincidence. it seemed that piled on top of the blood diamond problem, a new shit diamond crisis was brewing. the justice league suddenly realized the had a lot on their hands. this could get messy….

  3. Matthew Says:

    click… click… damn batteries again. Cornwallace shook his flashlight alive, and in doing so illuminated the narrow passage. His gas mask was fogging, as was Ambers. But no matter, the reward would be worth the grotesque location of their mission. Having being shrunk down to the size of ants and then inserted into Joy’s anus was the easy part. Finding the diamond source was going to of course be the long, messy, hard part. They hadn’t taken the high carbon levels into consideration, and so had to carefully pick their way through the crusted globs in order to not light a spark - and face a certain explosive death. Their boss, the menacing and evil SphinctoNutOMan, sat waiting on his throne. The superfriends had yet to meet their master!

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