It’s a crab invasion!


Little crab, don’t worry, your time will come. In the meantime stay back and keep a nice distance of whitespace around you for protection while you observe the behavior of the big dark crabs as they fight it out. Your light will shine and hopefully by then you’ve learned an important lesson. Be patient, stay true to yourself and don’t get discouraged by the status quo that might no longer apply when you get there.

One Response to “It’s a crab invasion!”

  1. Shalanah Says:

    A couple of reasons why it is the first things you see.
    1st off it is the largest.
    Things that are close to us are large. The white crab therefore seems the farthest away because it is the smallest.
    2nd overlapping.
    The black crab overlaps the other two behind it also implying it comes first.

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