transcessive story #4


- Writer #1: The nadj.
- Writer #2: Grasshopper
- Writer #3: Phill

Intro by The nadj.
I had been up for 11 straight days without sleep. The last thing I remembered was looking out the window of a subway car, staring at the buildings, trees and billboards that flickered as the train raced across town. I am not sure if delirious is the best word to describe the state of mind that I was in at the time. I think I was far beyond that. I almost felt a sense of calm from entering into a new level of consciousness. I think it was a 20 some year old redhead that walked by, her smell was intriguingly familiar. I can’t put my finger on it, but I know I’ve smelled it before. It was hard for me to focus on one particular thing, but the seduction of her smell pulled me out of my seat and into the isle of the subway car. The very last thing I remembered before I passed out was the scared look in my wife’s eyes. And now I am here…

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  1. Grasshopper Says:

    …leather straps running across my arms, legs and my body. I am immobilized in a hospital bed with an IV running into my right arm. There is a switch in the tube between the bottle and my arm. I have no idea what is in the bottle but I’m certain that it won’t be pleasant if whoever controls the switch decides to flip it and the liquid enters my blood stream.

    The space is dimly lit by an indirect light source whose location I can’t make out. The wall to my right as well as the ceiling and the floor are made out of a mysterious black glossy material. The left wall is thick security glass and behind it the redhead from the subway. She is floating in a slightly opaque liquid submerged in an aquarium like glass tank that made her look like through a soft filter lens. I’ve seen this before. The liquid keeps her in a state of seduction where she can see and hear everything but is unable to move.

    There is no wall in front of me and from the breath of air that’s flowing through the space I’m assuming there’s no wall behind me either even though I am unable to turn around.

    Across from I can make out the contours of another hospital bed. There are 10 IV bottles lined up to either side and they are all running into the neck of the creature that is sitting half upright supported by pillows. The liquid in the tubes is glowing as are the eyes of the ambassador. When he starts to speak, I recognize his voice that feels like it is inside my head rather than coming from where he sits.

    “You know why you are back here.” The voice was hurting in my head. “You never completed the work that you agreed to do for us. And this time we will make sure that you’ll finish what you started.”

  2. Admin Says:

    A painful chill is slowly moving from my head to my toes. It seems to be filling my entire body with a paralyzing sense of cold. I can only see the silhouette of a man to my right. He flipped the switch to the bottle and the liquid is lighting up in a fluorescent pink as it slowly enters my body. Despite the painful cold and the blurry vision, my brain is suddenly capable of crystal clear thoughts. My last 3 weeks are unfolding like a movie in front of my eyes.

    I was in Portland, Oregon where I purchased an antique cabinet. Once I brought it home, I discovered a hidden drawer. It was filled with oil paint brushes and a small box of old photo negatives. I pulled the box out and started looking at the negatives. At first it was hard to make out any shapes, but upon closer examination I recognized one of the people in the picture. It was my grandfather as a young man standing in front of Mt. Hood with a woman in his arm and two children that I didn’t recognize. I was very confused to see him in that picture because he lived in Europe all of his life and claimed to have never traveled to America. The features in those childrens faces looked disturbingly familiar.

  3. Phill Says:

    The train of memories halts again, jarred off track by the voice, metallic and rich, like a baroque engine full of cold gears and meticulous clockwork angels, “Indulge your fantasies alter. We have unfinished business. You owe us.” My body spasms, arching against my restraints. The definite physicality of the straps is somehow reassurring. They are real, solid. “I…what are you talking about? Where is my wife?”
    “NO. We have no time for this.” My bed tips forward until I am prpendicular to the floor. The redhead in the tank floats serenly but manages to convey an interest. She cocks her head to the side and I am reminded of a puppy’s reaction to the unexpected. Then, the film loop behnd my eyes begins again. I see the image of my grandfather, the mountain, the children, but now they slowly move, like a film in an old arcade, hand cranked and full of momentum. I can feel the momentum building. I see it in the jerky, silent movie motions of the figures, I can feel it, somehow, inthe implcation of their actions. They are packing up, getting ready to go somewhere. How do I know this? Something important is about to happen…

  4. Grasshopper Says:

    The last thing I notice before I pass out is a shadow in my peripheral vision and the feeling of a fully loaded pincushion exploding in my chest.

    “Sir, we are at the last stop. Please exit the vehicle.” The conductor’s voice conveying the routine of having said these same words hundreds, thousands of times. I’m in the last seat on a subway car but the line is unfamiliar. So is the station. Slowly the memories creep back into my hurting head. Forcing me to acknowledge they are real. It’s like you’re coming home from a four week trip and your house is gone. Hit by a meteor. The reality of your normal life is cut off and reinserted somewhere completely different. And now you have to adjust your life to it. I believe we can only adjust to so much change at a time. Anything that exceeds a certain limit has to be ignored and denied for a while to keep us from going insane. That’s what I’m trying to do right now. Not go insane. But the IV marks on my arm are reality. So they finally caught me. The job. Yes, I do remember. Take the redhead and bring her to Dr Mosata. Then, ‘make’ them fall in love. How can you make two people fall in love? And then we were out one night and I just didn’t want to go home alone and I asked her to stay and really all I wanted was some company. I should have known better. I didn’t know she was some kind of drug. Anyway after that night there was no way I could give her up. Love fucks you over when you least expect it.

    The headache has disappeared and my mind is now crystal clear, scanning, observing, analyzing. I exit the subway. There’s a homeless bundle of rags on the sidewalk whose left leg is rotting away. He stinks. Something in the back of my mind tells me I am supposed to have some kind of emotional response. Feel pitty. Mercy. But I don’t. The liquid in my veins has turned my heart into a coagulation of emotional razorblades. By the very nature of it I’m completely indifferent to the fact. The fresh air is invigorating as I step outside into the night.

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